Thursday, December 17, 2009

Non availability of essential medicines..Thanks to Brig A Bhargava

From: abhay

To: 'manjeet bedi'

Cc: 'Regional Centre ECHS Delhi Cantt' ; 'brig sateesh kuthiala' ; 'chaturvedi' ;

Sent: Monday, December 14, 2009 11:05 AM

Subject: RE: RE: Non availability of essential medicines

Dear Col Bedi,

We are a group of retired officers who have volunteered to be an active interface between ECHS and ESM with the intention of getting best possible health care to the latter. We have no authority or control over ECHS. Yet we are doing our best by taking up issues with HQ ECHS ( including MD ECHS and his Staff ) , the Regional Centers and Polyclinics and have had our share our success too.

In fact we had a meeting with MD ECHS and the staff at HQ ECHS on 11 Dec 09 where a host of issues , including non-availability of medicines ( with your case being quoted as one of the examples ) were discussed with a view to resolve them. I am sure you will appreciate the matter in correct perspective and understand that I am not in a position to assure that the medicines will be available when you visit the Polyclinic next time around .

Having said this , please do let me know the names of the concerned medicines which I will be happy to forward to the ECHS Regional Center Delhi and earnestly hope that they will be able to meet your justified expectations.

Col Dar and Bose : Seek your intervention please.

Warm regards


Brigadier Abhay Bhargava

IESM ECHS Div : Regional Liaison Cell , Delhi

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