Monday, January 11, 2010

ECHS problems in Mumbai by Veteran Anil Heble

Sent: Tuesday, January 05, 2010 9:08 AM

Dear Sirs

Well said by Veteran Col Chilimbi.

One only needs to live or know Bombay reasonably to realise the impossibility of veterans and their dependents commuting anywhere, the cummulative costs both in time and money and the personal logistics in support of a day long expedition to the ECHS. No wonder, most find it prudent to seek medical attention on payment.

However, neither are problems of Bombay city or the lack of veteran volunteers to man ECHS centres responsible for near failure of ECHS in delivery of health care to the multitude.

Not one planner in his wisdom was even remotely conscious or aware of the immensity of the scheme, both physical & geographical, not to mention the ununiform numerical presence of entitled veterans in far and obscure corners. Therefore what do veterans of remote areas do ? Must they suffer only because its not "viable" to have a centre in the back & beyond of say Rajasthan or MP? Or must they travel regularly every month to get their 30 days prescriptions ?

In any case the scheme wasn't based on veteran volunteer participation and a few volunteers in Bombay or some other place is no salvation for the rest.

Presently ECHS is on oxygen and has degenerated into a farce with unpaid bills in crores to pharma companies, lack of staff / doctors at centres and above all its positioning in the Government's / Army's thinking process.

Someone please have a look at the quality of medecines given by absolutelu unheard of pharmas. Apparently, new pharma companies have mushroomed only for supply to ECHS and I suspect what we get at best may only be placebo's, if at all.

For starters while ECHS continues to exist for metros and where the bulk live, let someone try and superimpose a set up somthing like ECHS for remote areas by:

1. ECHS could issue all entitled with real SMART CARDS that document each visit, each test, every treatment, medecines issued and any and every entry that will prevent misuse.
2. Negotiate and fix rates for every treatment with civil, private & govt hospitals for provision of health care all all places
3. Clear these bills soonest to keep the system alive
4. Involve insurance companies to deal / supervise payments in their respective jurisdiction. They will ensure that the system isn't corrupted. The rather make the buck that permit someone else.

In this vast country the Min of Def cannot manage an equally vast system. Every type of existing health care delivery system will have to be co-opted with ECHS and yet there would be blind spots which could be fine tuned and as one goes along.

In India no system has yet been found to be fool-proof and will be misused but then it will at least have a chance to function.

Lets accept ECHS can't be flogged any more to get it moving except perhaps in Delhi,

Just a thought. Any comments, Gentlemen ?

Warm regards / Anil heble

Problems with ECHS by Col GB Sethi

From: greh bhushan
Sent: Tuesday, January 05, 2010 10:37 AM
To: Col Sushil Chilimbi
Subject: Re: Compare How ECHS has failed ESM!!!!!!!

Dear Brother Anil Helbe,

I am glad people have now started realising the problems they are facing with ECHS. I faced these problems two years back & that too in as people say in one of the best administered Centre ie: Secunderabad, the callous attitude of the Centre Head, substitute medicines, short supplies , come again , Que up for hours together etc, etc

That day was the last that I ever entered in ECHS Secunderabad where you are treated a liability & not a stake holder who has served the country for 30 long years. You have to be a General or Brigadier at least to get a welcome treatment, I am happy for them atleast they hope fully are getting their due.

I had put it up in the mail & circulated at that time & I could visualise that such a situation will arise & it has .

There is a need to reconsider the whole issue & work out a model which shall meet the needs of the soldiers so widely spread on the Indian Soil. We must remember that we in the services get worn out much faster than the masses outside even though we do keep our self fit with the regular regimen that we all follow .

My request to the authorities is to provide this well deserved facility to the Ex- Servicemen with a smile & let them feel that they are cared for.


Col. Dr. GB Sethi.

Health care at Mumbai

From : RP Chaturvedi

I am forwarding this mail to veteran VK Talwar, the PLC member at Mumbai. It is for reasons such as the ones elicited in your mail that we need volunteers (eyes, ears and sinews of IESM ECHS Division). We had earlier got on another chain, some inputs from Carl, which indicate the problems in Mumbai. CAN someone from MUMBAI take on and forward a detailed analysis and recommendation that we may float to MD ECHS? It could ideally be forwarded by RLC at Pune to the ECHS channels, and a cc forwarded to us to follow up here.

Health care in Mumbai

Col Sushil Chilimbi wrote:

Dear Sir,
Healthcare coverage of ESM in Mumbai needs to be crystallized further.
The major requirement of majority of ESM spread across Mumbai and beyond, up to Dahanu, Ambernath and Panvel is not polyclinics but immediate referral procedures for major healthcare problems at the nearest facility available. No ESM located at Vasai, Ambernath or Panvel would have the time or the inclination to waste his/her time for the quota of monthly medicines or the medical care available at the polyclinics. With the almost non available resources at the disposal of ECHS, polyclinics at best should be provided at the existing ESM enclaves.
If ECHS is to be of any use to a vast majority of ESM in Mumbai, empanelment of a large number of civilian medical establishments along the Western, Central and Harbour grids for cashless treatment is a must. CGHS, PSUs and even the State Govt has this arrangement for their employees. ECHS cannot be beggarly, if it has the commitment of our Govt, which claims to be' concerned' about the welfare of its soldiers!!
Warm regards.