Monday, March 15, 2010

Cpl Bhandari case at Jabalpur

Kuthiala Sir,
This case continues to get deeper into needless issues. WE have been in picture from Day one.
An accident, at the very least with a fracture "would constitute 'emergency'.
On Reporting, there was some confusion about the empanellment. You would recall that till the Polyclinic asked for the documents to be submitted through the hospital, we were thinking we were dealing with a non empanelled hospital. This stage was the first indicator (and we spoke about it in detail) that it was an empanelled hospital with an identical 'pay first, claim and then be reimbursed the ECHS cleared amount' philosophy followed in Mrs Jogelkar's case. While on the issue, you will recall we checked on web and did not find the hospital in the annexure of empanelled hospitals. This deepened the mystery.
Be that as it may, the Hospital had NO business to charge and then reimburse ECHS rates to the veteran. They are ONLY ENTITLED to ECHS rates, including audit deductions if any, and must therefore reimburse the TOTAL amount.
We need to convey to the hospital that there is no getting away from this, and it would be a no holds barred action by us, jointly, to ensure they honor what they are committed to, in being an empanelled hospital.

Case of Cpl Bhandari at Jabalpur..ECHS



Subject: RE: Case of Cpl Bhandari Card No JB0002840 Jabalpur Polyclinic
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 05:50:50 +0000

Dear Sir,

Good morning,

Hope you are doing fine. I have well noted ur comments and recently there was another emergency in my family for my mother and we strictly followed all echs proceedures and traetment was done in empannelled hospital without any issues.

but I would like to highlight that Jabalpur hospital stand on the ECHS patient was so negitive, they had stronglly refused my sister at that time of emergency that we dont take ECHS patient. In the heat of that moment we were force to give first aid to my father as suggeted by the doctor and basis their instructions we went ahead with the surgery without any delay. We have been warned by the doctor that there should be no delay in this treatment.

We were unaware about the ECHS proceedures but hospital and doctors were very much aware that he is an ECHS pateint. On my recent visit to India my sister informed that she her self informed the doctors and Mr. manas about my father is an ECHS pateint. I understand from her that initial two days no charge was imposed for the same reason. after that Mr. manas informed that ECHS patients are not being accepted by this hospital anymore and u have to deposit the cash to go further. At that stage and in that condition for us there was no choice and we went ahead with all the terms of the hospital. Fathers heatlth was more important then anything else. We could not follow up with ECHS at that time as i am the only son work abroad and my friends and sister admitted my father to the hospital.

i stronglly feel all of us have been misguided by the hospital and below points are self explanatory.

A. We have been told no ECHS pateint are accepted in the hospital. Even today if u call Mr. manas rai his stand is same. That means even if it is an emergency hospital reaction will be the same and people like us will not think anything and will go overboard and will do the same and provide the treatment to the pateint.

B. amount collected by us is Rs. 98,875 + may be 1 or 2000 more of the medicine. As per below mail hospital is confirming only 73,340.

I am bit concern on this, as what is going on and why figures are diffrenig at the time of refund. All the originals was submitted by self to Ms. Nidhi (ECHS polyclinic staff at Jabalpur) i only have a copy of those bills will forward you the same for your reference.

As far as cooperation is concern no complaints as my sister now keeping in touch with Jabalpur polyclinic and they have assured the refund. But i think things from the hospital side is bit fishy and i am open to cooperate to take them on a task to ensure people like us do not suffer in that kind of situation. i would appreciate if ECHS help me to find if this emplanned surgery was actually required or hospital has just tried to make money.

awaiting yours.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ECHS Chennai: Degradation of Services by Lt Col James

From: James Kanagaraj
Sent: 10 March 2010 12:29
Cc: Kamboj Chander
Subject: ECHS Chennai: Degradation of Services

Dear Brig S. Kutiala,
Today I visited the ECHS located in the premises of MH Chennai and observed its functioning for over 3 hours. There were in all about 200 ESM who were seated (all seats occupied), some milling around the reception and many standing near the counter dispensing medicines. There were only 2 medical officers out of 4 employed. The OIC ECHS ... edited ... has no administrative control over his staff.
The waiting period for collecting medicines in the queue system is 3 to 5 hours as confirmed by the OIC. ESM who wish to collect only medicines are also supposed to queue up for which the waiting period is 5 hours plus.
There seems to be a steady decline in the efficiency of the ECHS. The ESM who desire to get treated for their illness are literally made more sick encountering the hurdles placed by the OIC and his staff. The OIC attitude is the most unfriendly and very bureaucratic. Finally after a debate and heated argument with the OIC which was unfruitful I and my wife left without collecting the medicines with a saddened heart. Truly the Veterans battle in the ECHS is a on going process! There is an urgent requirement for instant redressal of grievances of Ex Servicemen within the ECHS Polyclinic and MH premises.

This is for your kind information.
With regards and best wishes,
James Kanagaraj
Moderator, Report My Signal Blog