Saturday, October 24, 2009

Additional Polyclinics

Additional Polyclinics

It is learnt that ECHS plans to have 197 additional Polyclinics as part of their next expansion plan. While the time frame for this is not known, a list of the Polyclinics planned is linked for your information-click me.
With Warm Regards,
Col RP Chaturvedi
IESM ECHS Division,

IESM ECHS Division Feed Back to MD ECHS
The Feedback sent to MD ECHS is here- click me for your information please. This may please be read in conjunction with the following already published.

Road Map for the ECHS Cell.

ECHS Concept Paper
Our efforts at improving ECHS services is a Joint Venture between the ECHS and us Veterans. It is hoped that even as we expect a positive thrust from the ECHS hierarchy, we on our part will get on and see how best we can make our healthcare facilities.
RLC and PLC members are requested to now get actively involved in local issues in consultation with the ECHS representatives. Thanks.
With Warm Regards,
Col RP Chaturvedi,
IESM ECHS Division

Thursday, October 8, 2009

ECHS: Veteran Volunteers to enhance services

ECHS: Veteran Volunteers to enhance services


1. As you are aware, we have been constantly striving to improve ECHS services with the aim of becoming the Finest Healthcare system in India. This is not an easy task. It would involve a collective heave from all the ECHS stakeholders. Everyone in the Armed Forces would one day be a user of ECHS facilities. In bringing it up, therefore, we really help ourselves.
2. During the ECHS seminar held at HQ Western Command on 16 Jul 09, it was felt that Armed Forces need to work in partnership with ex-servicemen. The cases of substantial improvement in services at the polyclinics in partnership with ex-servicemen were also highlighted.
3. Responding to our request, the IESM- an organization of ex- servicemen, has volunteered to render assistance in this regard. The organization has formed an ‘ECHS Division’ of volunteer veterans, to provide a user interface with ECHS, to enable improved services.
4. While efforts are on to identify volunteers pan-India, a list of those who would represent ESM presently, is given here Click Me
5. You are requested to interact with them and strive to improve elements that can be. It is emphasized that a great degree of initiative and improvisation may be needed. And above all, this development should be viewed as teamwork rather than interference.
(A K Roy)
Col, Dir,(Ops&Coord)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Emergency Treatment Suggestions/ Guidelines by Col RP Chaturvedi

From: IESM- ECHS Div Hq
Date: Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 7:23 AM
Subject: Emergency Treatment Suggestions/ Guidelines

We recently had the case of Wg Cdr Bankim Sutaria, an ECHS member from Vadodra -Gujrat, who was involved in a road accident close to Udaipur. He was admitted to a Non Empanelled hospital, and had projected some difficulties in adhering to the procedure for reimbursement (requiring the nearest ECHS polyclinic being informed). He projected that this is difficult since the LOCATION of the 'nearest' Polyclinic may not be known.

Arming oneself with this knowledge is a good idea before one embarks on travel. And if one is close to a city, having an ECHS centre, chances are the hospital would know the location.
However, the problem is REAL, moreso, if the ECHS user happens to be in a remote location.
Para 39(d) of ECHS brochure stipulates that in case of emergencies, if a patient is admitted to a non empanelled hospital, it is the PATIENT'S responsibiity to inform HIS polyclinic/ ECHS Central Organization/ Regional Centre within 48 hrs.

As it can so transpire that a veteran may be away from home station when such situation arises, the following actions are suggested when ECHS users travel outside their station of habitation.

Be aware of YOUR polyclinic OCs tele number.
Find out and Brief your family members about the locations and contact numbers of ECHS polyclinic / Region Centres along the route/ your destination.These are on ECHS website and are also given in ECHS booklet (also available on net).

In case of need, they should inform the OC of YOUR polyclinic/ any of above. Note down the name of person who took the message.
IF that is not feasible for some reason, speak to YOUR PLC/ RLC representative giving details of ECHS CARD NUMBER, RANK AND NAME, INCIDENT DETAILS ( Where is accident? Which hospital are you in ( Name, address, Telephone No)? What is nature of emergency? Treating Doctor Name?) AND confirmation that Emergency Treatment Certificate HAS been taken from the hospital.

If a cyber cafe/ internet is available scan copy of Emergency Admission form be mailed to the RLC / PLC member AND to Div Hq Helpline

If mailed to the ECHS Division coordinator will mail the same to RLC/ and MD ECHS as information.

Check back from the Coordinator/RLC/ PLC member concerned whether the needful has been done?

Kindly circulate this information to maximum ESM.

With Warm Regards,
Col RP Chaturvedi
IESM ECHS Division,
Mob: +919891279035

ECHS: Purchase of Medicines not Permitted as Policy..Imp Notice

In case of an emergency, an ECHS beneficiary can directly report to an Empanelled Hospital with his ECHS Card. The hospital is responsible for issuing an emergency certificate and informing the ECHS Polyclinic regarding the emergency admission within 48 hours. Based on this, the ECHS Polyclinic then issues a formal emergency referral. The onus of this entire procedure is with the Empanelled Hospital.

Similarly in case of OPD treatment also in an Empanelled Hospital, the hospital is supposed to do the paperwork and not the ECHS member.

The ECHS beneficiary is not supposed to purchase any medicines since the same is not reimbursable as per existing policy on the subject. He is supposed to collect them from the ECHS Polyclinic based on the advise of the Empanelled Hospital.

Reimbursement of cost of medicines is permitted only in certain special conditions if the patient is referred by the Polyclinic and medicines prescribed are required to be taken with immediate effect on discharge from the Empanelled Hospital as enumerated below:

Post operative cases of major Cardiac Surgery / Interventional Cardiology.


Post operative organ transplant cases.

Post operative major Neurosurgical / Neurology cases.
Prescription for demand of the medicines are required to be provided to the OIC Polyclinic immediately after discharge. Cost of medicines purchased is reimbursable for a period of maximum 30 days only.

Col Sanjay Sah
Regional Centre ECHS

HC Declares Health Care Fundamental Right Of EveryCitizen by Brig Kuthiala

From: brig sateesh kuthiala
Sent: Friday, 25 September, 2009 6:21:27 PM
Subject: FW: IESM/ECHS : HC Declares Health Care Fundamental Right Of EveryCitizen

ref your email on the above subject. i am enclosing another ruling which seems to contradict the high court ruling. i am not a legal expert but obviously there seems to be a problem. maybe you and other legal experts would want to throw some light on the matter

Brig Sateesh Kuthiala

The status of Esm regards medical care by the State has been elucidated by the Hon’ble SC in their judgment on the WP (Civil) No 210 of 1999.
Quote “…..We, therefore, hold that getting free and full medical facilities is not a part of fundamental right of ex-servicemen.”
Above is subject to interpretation by the experts in the context that it has been written.
Experts may take necessary action please.